Tie manufacturing process

All ties and pocket squares from KRAWATTENDACKEL are hand sewn in Italy by employees with years of experience in the clothing industry from 100 % finest Italian silk.

But how is a tie made?

Step 1: Weaving the fabric

In the weaving loom, the fabric with motif is woven from silk threads.

Step 2: Marking the silk with the pattern and cutting

Every single tie is marked and cut by hand out of the silk piece.

Step 3: Sewing the silk piece

The silk pieces get sewn together. Also facing and tags are sewn to the outer fabric / shell of the tie.

Step 4: Ironing of the tie and interface

Step 5: Adding the interlining, sewing the tie, adding the loop (passantino)

Step 6: Final check: Every handmade tie is checked for quality before shipment.