About Us

KRAWATTENDACKEL, founded 2018 in Hamburg, is a fashion company, specializing in menswear offering its customers handmade ties and pocket squares made from 100% fine Italian silk. All ties and pocket squares are manufactured in Europe by employees with years of experience in the garment industry. We are very interested in a fair employee compensation, which is why we have these high-quality accessories throughout the manufacturing process only in Italy.

Each tie and pocket square is handmade, individually and unique.

KRAWATTENDACKEL specialized in high-quality and timeless ties and pocket squares with hunting and dog motifs and is constantly striving to expand its range. KRAWATTENDACKEL offers pocket squares matching the ties in the same pattern and also different color combinations.

All pocket squares are hand rolled. This means that all edges are rolled up by hand and sewn together. This method is used to prevent fraying of the pocket square and to ensure a long life.

Ties and pocket squares by KRAWATTENDACKEL are the perfect accessory for all fashion-conscious and serious gentlemen who love the British country style and hunting dogs. But there are many occasions to wear and give away our high-quality and durable products: Whether on the hunt, at work, in the office or during leisure time at family celebrations, at fraternity and club meetings, for a birthday, hunting license or Christmas. The stylish gentleman will find many occasions.

For more information about making our ties, have a look at our website at "Tie manufacturing process".

To round out the outfit and also for everyday use, KRAWATTENDACKEL also offers silk knot cufflinks in the same color combination.