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Guest letter from Katharina W. on April 30th, 2020


First of all, a huge thank you for not letting us down in this special time and delivering as quickly as usual. If I ever leave the house, I at least want the colors to be well styled. Fortunately, all colors from the KRAWATTENDACKEL spring collection are well compatible with the common Timberland models 😊. It's a shame that we can't spend more time together, because spring offers sooo much opportunity to try new things. And with the new sock collection, I would also be an eye-catcher at university. In the agriculture lecture hall it is not so easy to make a stylistic statement when it comes to women's fashion. It would be easier with the SoWis 😊 But with the bright yellow KRAWATTENDACKEL socks (my favorite) I would also be noticed by the farmers of Göttingen ... The green ones are reserved for hunting. I ordered several more pairs for my brothers and my father. Dad was really happy, he can hardly get out at the moment. I would normally help him in the area now, but at the age of 78 he is definitely at risk and should not be on the pulpit. So he can at least prepare fashionably for the next session of Hegering. After all, he is now also using Skype and recently showed me how happy he was. In general, our life is rather digital, whereby the super chic Instagram posts from KD are an absolute must between (or at 😊) the webinars in quick succession !!!

I recently came into contact with your range through my friend. He had ordered the blue-yellow pair (you can guess why) and gave me one in the partner look. My host sister Abigail had given me a similar pair during my year abroad in Chelmsford. At that time it was not easy to get similar accessories in Germany. Unfortunately, that was years ago and they went the path of everything earthly. Now I can finally set stylistic accents without having to make a pilgrimage to Alsterhaus or KaDeWe, which is not possible at the moment.

Greetings from Göttingen, plagued by the lockdown


Guest letter from Matthias M. on 3rd March 2019

I am absolutely amazed!

Thank you, team of KRAWATTENDACKEL for your newest product! I always like to wear colorful socks as a splash of color next to the otherwise rather covered clothes. Now I can also put on a rather inconspicuous place a fashion statement. I particularly like the fact that I can wear the socks both for a suit and a combination as well as for leisure clothes. My girlfriend gave me the first couple a few weeks ago for the birthday, I immediately struck it and bought a few more pairs in reserve. I will gradually give away in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the products from your house have a certain degree of familiarity and the potential to become a real cult object, especially in the fraternity scene. My girlfriend recently got the idea that we should get a dachshund. If we actually implement the project, I will certainly order a few more Dackel utensils. These noble dogs enjoy unbroken popularity and I really like them too. Therefore, I am particularly pleased to be able to express my preference with the products of your team. Meanwhile, I have two ties, two pocket squares and now also two pairs of socks with dachshund motif, because I can try again and again a new combination. Often I was already addressed to the brand. I put the paragraph 11 sticker at our frat house and the KRAWATTENDACKEL sticker on my trunk. It is always an eye-catcher 😊

Your Fan

Matthias Meyer

Guest letter from Hermann S. on 1th September 2018

Why I order at

Dear friends of good taste, anyone can imitate. After spending months searching for an individual pattern for the upcoming Hubertus celebration as a passionate hunter and dog lover, and finding everything I've encountered online or in business times on such occasions, I stumbled upon her while surfing young company "KRAWATTENDACKEL". I spontaneously chose the tie with the golden deer (which happens to be the name of my favorite restaurant) and ordered it together with slightly different accessories. I was pleasantly surprised by the fast delivery of handmade ties and accessories, and on the following weekend I was able to demonstrate my new hunting motive in my Hegering. Well, I'll probably not be the only one with this beautiful hunter tie soon, but the first one :) And my fellows feel more like the dog motive anyway, while I prefer the big game.

If you want to have more than one dachshund on your tie, you are in good hands. The green basic color of the ties is of course not just for hunting. But just these are beautiful hunting ties (especially the stag tie) and ties with dog motif! Christmas is coming, the search for suitable Christmas gifts for hunters is heralded and (except the gifts of my darling) what can you wish as a hunter as a more beautiful Christmas gift as a reminder of our passion - for example, a dog tie or another tie with hunting motives. Prices are good, quality is good, shipping is fast and shapely: You can also order last-minute gifts at KRAWATTENDACKEL without any problems and you will not be disappointed. I am pleased that the German market has become richer with a creative company. Keep it up!

Thereon a triple Horrido and Waidmannsheil from the beautiful Oberpfalz,

Your Hermann S.

Guest letter from Franz Anton on 8th August 2018

Why I order at

For years, I have dedicated myself to the country house fashion, the cultivated academic sociability and the hunting along with associated fashion accessories. I have five different tweed suits, some traditional jerseys and a lot of blazers. On some occasions it must be a dark suit and sometimes a cut. But on all occasions, I draw my attention to my, your, our hobby: hunting, game, dog and classic patterns. With all the different dress codes, these woolen patterns always fit. And over the years green tie, as my English friends say, has become my trademark, but now in different color variations. A pink or yellow accent next to the otherwise muted colors of the mill or the office has never done any harm. Although I already own one or the other hunting tie and some pocket squares, but the items from your company are so wonderfully combinable!

With KRWATTENDACKEL you are always in the spotlight. The more spread the wonderful motives find, the more the hunting motive tie, especially of course the Dachshund tie, will be identified with us again and not with others. No matter what we choose, it's our style! Ever since any Englishman decades ago decided to dare to wear a Dachshund Tie! And save the dachshund necktie, it belongs to us hunters and anglophile dog lovers as well as the Windsor knot and the tweed suit! All those who have already learned to tie the tie themselves and fold our pocket squares themselves as schoolboys, are in good hands with KRAWATTENDACKEL. If my Dackel could buy ties, he would do it on the same website as me!


Your Franz-Anton van Vreekwijk