Grooming ties

1. Storing

Avoid crumpling your tie during transport. Our tie boxes provide optimal protection for your tie. Another option is to tie up the tie while traveling. There are two ways to store your tie.

In any case, tie the tie first before storing it: Either hang the tie over a hanger or other suspension device, or roll your tie loose starting from the narrow end.

2. Care

With proper care and storage, a tie can last a lifetime. It should be avoided that your tie comes into contact with perfume or dirt. A silk tie can basically not be washed in the washing machine and should only be used in exceptional cases in dry cleaning. Wet silk is very sensitive, so only a quick hand wash with lukewarm water is recommended. Try to rinse the stains carefully. If possible, before hand washing, try to remove the dirt with a clean and slightly damp cloth or sponge.

Silk ties should not be dried in the dryer and the tie should not be wrung out after washing. It is best to lay the tie flat between two towels to dry.

Even a hot iron can destroy a tie, which is why only careful ironing at the lowest level can be recommended.

You get wrinkles with steam from the tie. The tie should be loosely hung over a hanger.